Bowl buddies

In January of 2020, Companion Pets of Cleveland started a pet food pantry. By February, they had their first three pets, followed by thirty-eight pets in March.

The pet food pantry has now been operating for one year and is close to having 800 pets.

As you can imagine, it is not cheap to feed 800 mouths. According to, the low end of feeding a pet per month is $20.

We are fortunate to have many amazing fans and donors. We have realized, though, that we need a consistent flow of donations to keep up our mission.

Companion Pets of Cleveland has now started the Bowl Buddy program. For $10, you can sponsor a bag of food for a pet in need. Your name or dedication will then be on the bag of food given to the pet. We will post updates as we can of the pet you have helped feed!

Become a Bowl Buddy today! To make the minimum donation of $10, visit No PayPal account is needed. In the notes, please include your name or name of the person or pet you would like to dedicate the bag to.

Bob Stevens – Founder, President and all around good guy of Companion Pets of Cleveland.

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